Photo Criteria


  1. Please ensure your photos are in landscape format. 
  2. Make sure your horse looks respectable and is properly groomed. ie. have its mane and tail trimmed and brushed , paint its feet and if you want to go that extra mile put some baby oil on a towel and wipe it around their eyes and in their nostrils.
  3. Make sure the horse is standing in sunlight and not shadows
  4. Make sure the background is clean, and doesn’t distract from the image of the horse. It should be a bright background so you can clearly see the outline of the horse.
  5. The horse should be facing the left (near side)
  6. When taking a side on photo stand in the middle of the horse and make sure you are taking the photo flush from the side not from one end or angled.
  7. Keep the sun behind the camera so that it shines on the horses’ coat.
  8. The horse should stand alert in the natural correct balanced pose.
  • the near side (left, closest to camera) foreleg should be straight from the shoulder to the fetlock joint, and the offside foreleg set slightly behind (splitting at the knee)
  • The near hind leg should be straight from the hock to the fetlock, in line with the rump. The off hind leg should be stepped slightly forward (splitting at the hock)
  • The head should be erect and alert, but not too high and the ears should be pricked.

*** Please don’t take a photo of the horse eating. *** 

This is a good opportunity to sell your horse online. If you want the most for your horse then spend a little bit of time getting some good photos.

We would recommend that you have more than one photo.

The horses with the best photos are the ones that get bids first.

If you are really having trouble taking photos then contact us and we may be able to arrange someone to come and take some for you.

1300 849 349

Here some examples of some good photos:


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